How Oto Health Tech 2.5x’d Traffic in 6 Months


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About JoinOto

JoinOto, a leader in the health tech industry, specializes in innovative tinnitus coaching. Founded by military doctors and supported by top tinnitus care specialists, the company offers expert guidance for managing tinnitus. Their approach combines personal experience with professional expertise, aiming to help thousands overcome tinnitus challenges.

The company provides personalized coaching and an app featuring techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and soundscapes. These evidence-based programs are designed by experts, including award-winning audiologist Anna Pugh and renowned ENT consultant Jameel Muzaffar, to improve the quality of life for those with tinnitus.

At the forefront of tinnitus research, Oto collaborates with Cambridge University and Lindus Health to develop advanced teletherapy methods. This commitment to research ensures their leadership in providing cutting-edge tinnitus support and therapy.


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As a result of our SEO efforts, the website achieved remarkable outcomes. Their site’s organic traffic saw a significant increase, reaching 5.2k visitors. This boost in organic traffic was a direct result of improved visibility and planned strategies.

In terms of keyword performance, JoinOto’s website showed a substantial presence across search engines, with a total ranking of 4.8k keywords. This wide range of ranking keywords is indicative of the effective keyword strategy and content optimization implemented.

Furthermore, the website’s content strength was evident, with 99 pages ranking in the Top 100 search results. This achievement highlights the success of our content and technical SEO approaches in enhancing the site’s overall search engine presence and authority. These results collectively demonstrate the effectiveness of the SEO campaign in elevating JoinOto’s digital footprint and reaching its target audience more effectively.

Organic Traffic

  • We saw a 40% boost in organic traffic between the start of the contract in June 2023 and November 2023. This pulled the average estimated monthly traffic to 5.2k plus. 

Organic Keywords

  • Keyword performance in 1-3 positions has gone from 69 to 176, which equates to a 2.5x increase. 
  • JoinOto has improved its authority and increased its quality referring domains by 38% over six months.
  • The total number of links from other websites pointing to their website went up to 1.2k.

How We Achieved These Results

Oto’s target customer base is primarily composed of individuals who are either long-time sufferers of tinnitus or those who have been newly diagnosed. Understanding this specific audience is crucial for tailoring our digital marketing strategies to meet their unique needs and concerns.

To effectively reach and engage this audience, it was essential to attract qualified traffic to Oto’s website. This meant focusing on individuals actively seeking support and information about managing tinnitus, whether they were in the early stages of diagnosis or had been coping with the condition for some time.

Our approach involved a series of strategic steps:

  1. Conducting in-depth keyword research to align with the search behavior of our target audience.
  1. Optimizing website content for relevance and authority on tinnitus topics.
  1. Enhancing the website’s technical SEO for better user experience and search engine visibility.
  1. Creating targeted content that addresses the specific concerns and questions.

These efforts were designed to position Oto as a leading resource in tinnitus support and therapy, directly connecting with those in need of their services.

Keyword Clustering and Topical Authority

In developing JoinOto’s content strategy, we employed a unique approach to keyword clustering. This process began with a deep understanding of their ideal customer persona (ICPs) by analyzing the keywords they commonly searched for, alongside assessing keyword difficulty and search volume. This was achieved through interviews with JoinOto and a thorough analysis of their competitors. 

By aligning OTo’s business goals with SEO opportunities, we developed a targeted keyword list using an advanced keyword clustering methodology, surpassing typical SEO agency strategies. This approach not only enhanced their online presence but also established their website as a credible, authoritative source in Google’s eyes. Focusing on creating keyword clusters around primary topics, we methodically targeted each group, beginning with those offering the easiest traffic gains. Through crafting content that precisely matched the search intent of these clustered keywords, OTo progressively ranked for more keywords, significantly boosting their topical authority and improving their chances of ranking for more competitive keywords.

For example, one such topic we targeted was the connection between the common cold and tinnitus. This table shows some of the top-performing keywords which Oto’s website now ranks on the 1st page of Google:

KeywordCurrent positionVolume
ringing in ears with cold1250
tinnitus after cold1200
ear ringing after cold1150
ear ringing from cold1100
ear ringing with cold1100
ringing in ear after cold190
ears ringing after cold180
ears ringing head cold180
cold ears ringing180
cold with ringing in ears160
ears ringing cold160
ringing in ear cold160
ringing in ears after a cold160
ringing in ear with cold150

Content Structure

Our content structure for JoinOto was meticulously designed to answer user queries efficiently and maximize the chances of the site appearing on Google at the start of the customer’s tinnitus journey. Each content piece followed a consistent structure, ensuring clarity and engagement. Below is a table illustrating the typical features of our content pieces:

Author DetailsListing key team members as authors to boost their personal brand and reputation as experts.
HeadingsClear and descriptive headings to guide readers through the article.
Bullet PointsUsed for easy-to-digest information presentation and to highlight key points.
TablesOrganized data presentation for complex information, aiding in comprehension and retention.
ImagesRelevant visuals to complement and enhance the textual content.
Call to ActionsDirecting readers towards the next steps, whether it’s contacting JoinOto, reading more, or inviting them to join a high-value webinar.
ConclusionsSummarizing the main points and reinforcing the key message of the content.

This structured approach not only improved user experience but also aligned with SEO best practices, contributing significantly to JoinOto’s enhanced search engine visibility and user engagement. Here is a snippet of one of their recent blogs to show you some of the key on-page SEO features:

As an experienced SEO backlink agency, our approach was thought out and tailored. We crafted unique content pieces for the third-party publishing domains, ensuring that the content was not only high-quality but also relevant to both the publishing site and JoinOto. Within these content pieces, we strategically placed hyperlinks that tied back to their domain. This method of natural placement within relevant, authoritative content significantly enhanced the effectiveness of each backlink.

This backlink process was a vital part of our comprehensive SEO campaign for JoinOto. By securing high-quality backlinks from a variety of authoritative domains, we were able to boost JoinOto’s visibility in search engine rankings significantly. This not only increased their website traffic but also solidified their reputation as a leading authority in tinnitus therapy and coaching, contributing to their overall digital marketing success.

Technical Analysis

A significant focus was placed on the technical SEO strategy, recognizing that technical SEO is a critical component in achieving higher rankings on Google. Each website faces unique challenges that can impede its ability to rank effectively, and JoinOto was no exception.

Our approach began with a comprehensive analysis of their website, coupled with regular audits. This process gave us complete visibility of the various factors influencing the site’s ranking. Our specialty at NUOPTIMA lies in identifying and addressing the most impactful issues – essentially, the 20% of technical fixes that drive 80% of the ranking results. This approach ensures that development work is not only effective but also time-efficient.

We worked closely with JoinOto’s development team, providing them with a prioritized list of tasks. This collaboration was key to implementing the necessary changes swiftly and efficiently. For areas where they lacked in-house capacity, our internal resources stepped in to assist with the execution of development tasks. This flexible approach allowed for seamless integration of our SEO strategies with JoinOto’s existing framework.

As each fix was implemented, we re-ran the analysis and updated the priority list of actions. This created a constant feedback loop, ensuring that JoinOto’s website was always up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices. Our responsive and adaptive technical strategy was instrumental in addressing critical issues promptly, thereby enhancing JoinOto’s chances of ranking higher on Google and maintaining a competitive edge in the digital landscape.


JoinOto faced challenges in enhancing its online visibility in the competitive tinnitus therapy market. NUOPTIMA addressed these issues with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, focusing on advanced SEO, content restructuring, and a strategic backlink approach.

Our efforts significantly improved JoinOto’s digital presence, leading to a 5.2K increase in organic traffic, ranking 4.8K keywords, and placing 99 pages in the Top 100 search results. This success not only increased website traffic but also established JoinOto as a leading authority in tinnitus therapy.
The project’s six-month duration showed the effectiveness of our tailored approach, with potential for further growth, particularly in conversion rate optimization (CRO). For businesses seeking similar SEO success, NUOPTIMA offers expertise to achieve significant organic growth and enhance your bottom line. Contact us to develop a customized SEO strategy for your needs.

How Oto Health Tech 2.5x’d Traffic in 6 Months

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