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Can I Sell Used Items on Amazon?

Can I Sell Used Items on Amazon?

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Key Points

  • Amazon allows you to sell used items as long as their guidelines are followed. Not all items are permitted to be resold, including items that are not clean, require some service or repair, have passed the expiry date, or are damaged in a way that makes them difficult to use.
  • Keep yourself apprised of the condition guidelines to ensure you list your product appropriately according to Amazon’s regulations. Specific product categories do not allow the sale of used items so double-check the category in question before attempting to list a used item there.
  • You can find used products to sell on Amazon in many places, including jumble sales, charity shops, Facebook Marketplace, and other online retail platforms.
  • To list used items for sale, in Seller Central, click on ‘Inventory’ and then ‘Add a Product’. Enter the product’s ASIN into the search box and choose the option ‘Used’ on the next screen before selecting ‘Sell this product’. Ensure you enter all the appropriate information on the ‘Offer’ page and in the ‘Condition’ and ‘Condition Note’ sections.

Amazon does allow you to sell second-hand items on its marketplace but only allows certain categories to be listed as ‘used’. There is a good cause for this. Amazon wants to ensure that the products sold on its website are genuine, safe, and meet customer expectations (second-hand or not). For this reason, they do have some restrictions on what can be sold on their marketplace second-hand. This article explains what items you can sell used on Amazon, where you can find products to sell, and how to list used items for sale.

Items That Are Unacceptable and Prohibited for Sale on Amazon

On Amazon, some products are unacceptable for listing if they are in any of the following conditions:

  • Item is not clean and has signs of mould, corrosion, or heavy staining.
  • Product does not work perfectly in every regard.
  • Item is missing essential accompanying parts or materials (instructions are not necessarily included in this).
  • Item requires service or repair.
  • Item is damaged in a way that makes it hard to use.
  • Any aspect of the product is obscured and cannot be viewed or read because of stickers, markings, or other damage.
  • Product is prohibited from sale on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Item was not created by the original copyright holder or the original manufacturer (this includes copies, replicas, imitations, and counterfeits).
  • Product was originally distributed as a promotional bundle, promotional copy, product sample, or advance reading copy (including uncorrected proofs of in-print or not-yet-published books).
  • Item was intended for disposal or destruction or otherwise deemed unsellable by the retailer, vendor, supplier, or manufacturer.
  • Item has passed the expiration date (including ‘best by’ and ‘sell by’ dates), has had the expiration date removed or tampered with, or has an unacceptable portion of shelf life remaining.

Amazon Marketplace Items Condition Guidelines

When you have found an item that you would like to sell used on Amazon, you need to make sure that you list them under the correct condition. Bear in mind that once you have selected the condition of your listing, it cannot be modified. Here are the various conditions for sellers to choose from. They apply to all product categories:

When selling used items on Amazon, sellers have various conditions to choose from. More details on them in this infographic

Used – Like New or Open Box

This is an item in perfect working condition. The original protective wrapping may be missing, but the original packaging is in good condition and intact with perhaps minor damage. Instructions are included under this category.

Used – Very Good

An item that has been well-cared-for that has witnessed limited use and keeps in good working condition. It may show slight wear signs with minimal scratches or cosmetic blemishes. The product may arrive with damaged packaging, or it could be repackaged, and it could be missing some accessories. Missing accessories should be clearly defined for every item.

Used – Good

This product shows wear from regular use, but it is still in good condition and functions as it should. The item may arrive with damaged packaging or could be repackaged. It might also be marked, have identifying markings, or have suffered minor cosmetic damage. It may be missing some accessories or parts such as screws (in the event of a furniture item) or an instruction manual.

Used – Acceptable

An item under this category is fairly worn but does continue to function properly. The item may arrive with damaged packaging or could be repackaged. There will be signs of wear and can include aesthetic issues such as dents, scratches, and worn corners. The product may have identifying marks on it or present other signs of previous use. It may be missing accessories or parts such as screws (again, such as with furniture) or a mouse or USB cable (in the case of a laptop).

Two more terms to be aware of are collectable and refurbished. An item listed as a collectable must provide additional value, such as featuring an autograph. You should give a detailed description of the collectable aspects to explain the special value. A refurbished item is one brought back to a like-new working condition but could have blemishes or physical signs of wear.

Getting the condition of your product right is vital. It is generally better to set the condition lower. If you categorise an item as ‘Very Good’ condition, but your customer finds significant signs of wear, you will most likely get a negative review. Set your conditions lower rather than higher than you think, as this can help sustain customer satisfaction and consequently help your seller reputation.

Categories Where You Can Sell Used Items on Amazon

Now that we have assessed what constitutes a used or second-hand product, we can now study which categories on Amazon allow the selling of used products. Below is a table detailing the various categories and what conditions you are allowed to sell a product in each category:

Product CategoryConditions Permitted
Beer, Wine & SpiritsOnly New
ApparelOnly New
Automotive/Auto AccessoryNew, Refurbished, Used, Collectable
Auto PartsNew, Refurbished, Used, Collectable
Baby ProductOnly New
BeautyOnly New
Books, Music, Video and DVDNew, Refurbished, Used, Collectable
ComputingNew, Refurbished, Used
Consoles & Video GamesNew, Refurbished, Used, Collectable
Consumer ElectronicsNew, Refurbished, Used
DIY and ToolsNew, Refurbished, Used
Garden & OutdoorsNew, Refurbished, Used
GroceryOnly New
Health and Personal CareOnly New
Kitchen & HomeNew, Refurbished, Used
Large AppliancesNew, Refurbished, Used
LightingNew, Refurbished, Used
(Light Bulbs are Only New)
JewelleryOnly New 
Musical Instruments New, Refurbished, Used
Office ProductsNew, Used
Personal Care AppliancesOnly New
Pet SuppliesOnly New
Shoes & AccessoriesOnly New
Software & PC GamesNew, Refurbished, Used, Collectable
Sporting GoodsOnly New
Toys & Games New, Refurbished, Used, Collectable
WatchesOnly New

Where Can I Find Used Products to Sell on Amazon?

Now that we’ve established what we can and can’t sell on Amazon, where do we find used items that we can then sell on Amazon? Below we offer a few top tips on where to look:

  • Books are still one of the most popular categories on Amazon, and selling used books is thought to be an easy and simple option. Books are items that virtually everyone has at home. Therefore, going to events such as jumble sales, library sales, or seeking out thrift stores may be an excellent way of finding some promising books to sell used on Amazon. Indeed, it is a great idea to seek books that have been signed by the author, as depending on the rarity of the signature, they may well get you a handsome price. Limited edition titles are also sensible choices.
  • Thrift stores (or charity shops) cannot be recommended enough when looking for the perfect used items to sell. You can get your hands on items for a portion of its retail price, so you can then sell them used on Amazon and still potentially make a tidy sum. Other used products to look for when thrift shopping (surprisingly) include DVD players, VCRs, and corded phones. Many people still enjoy these old machines and are willing to pay for them. However, make sure that all the items you intend to sell used on Amazon are in good working order. This is a risk when going thrift shopping. Do not waste your time or money on a product that will not be accepted to list on Amazon because it does not work.
  • Another place to look for used items is on other online retail platforms. Buying products from one online platform to sell on another is called ‘online arbitrage’. While this option is generally selected by those looking for brand new products, the price fluctuation with used items between various marketplaces could be very beneficial.
  • Our next suggestion is becoming a modern alternative to jumble sales: Facebook Marketplace. This is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to flog items they do not want anymore. And often, you can find a real bargain. Searching through Facebook Marketplace may be an effective way of finding a hidden gem or two to sell used on Amazon.

Amazon Renewed: Selling Pre-Owned and Refurbished Items

It is worth knowing that Amazon offers a programme called ‘Amazon Renewed’, where sellers can list refurbished and pre-owned items, so long as they have met Amazon’s performance and inspection criteria. Not every seller will be able to sell in this programme as its strict requirements are generally only met by high-level and experienced sellers. Amazon has such strict requirements to ensure the businesses selling under this programme are legitimate and high-quality. For more information on Amazon Renewed and its terms, please click this link.

How to List Used Items For Sale on Amazon

The process of listing used items for sale on Amazon is essentially the same as listing a new item for sale. The main difference is that you must ensure you enter the exact product condition.

  1. To begin, in Seller Central, click on the tab Inventory and then select Add a Product.
  2. Enter the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) into the search box on the next screen.
  3. Once you have clicked search, the item should appear on the next page with an option to set the product’s overall condition (new or used). After selecting Used, click the button below that says Sell this product.
  4. On the Offer page is where you should enter information about the item you are selling, including price, condition, and fulfilment method (FBM or FBA).
  5. Pay attention to the Condition. Here you should select the option that best describes the condition of your used item. It is also a good idea to fill in something under Condition Note. It is not compulsory but is recommended. Here you can enter more precise details of the item’s condition, such as any scratches or how well it works.

Final Thoughts

You are permitted to sell used items on Amazon on the condition that it falls under an accepted product category and is in an appropriate state to resell. Some of the best places to find used items include charity shops, jumble sales, and Facebook Marketplace. Always make sure that you are honest in your listings, as claiming a product is in a better condition than it actually is will only get you negative reviews from customers. If you are interested in scaling your Amazon brand or would like a consultation on where being a seller on Amazon can lead you, book a free discovery call with the leading A-to-Z, full-service Amazon agency, NUOPTIMA.


Can I sell used items on Amazon?
Amazon only allows the sale of certain products to be listed as ‘used’ to ensure that the marketplace is genuine, safe, and meets consumer expectations. Please refer to the section ‘Which Product Categories Can You Sell a Used Item In?’ for a rundown of each product category.
Where can I find items to sell used on Amazon?
There are numerous places you can find items to sell used on Amazon. Consider looking in charity shops, jumble and garage sales, Facebook Marketplace, and other online retail platforms.
How can I sell used items on Amazon?
To list used items for sale on Amazon, in Seller Central, click on ‘Inventory’ and then ‘Add a Product’. Enter the product’s ASIN into the search box and choose the option ‘Used’ on the next screen before selecting ‘Sell this product’. Ensure you enter all the appropriate information on the ‘Offer’ page and in the ‘Condition’ and ‘Condition Note’ sections.

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