This Is Nuts, From $1m Wholesale to Amazon Leader in 2 Geographies

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This Is Nuts sell health-related snacks

About This Is Nuts Sweden

This Is Nuts were generating around $1m per year mainly through wholesale channels. They approached Bilal, our Amazon lead, as they were looking for a trusted party to help them grow their online channel. Within 6 months, we grew their listing from a cold start and zero online presence to selling in Amazon UK and Germany, and generating $8k monthly. 


This Is Nuts Team

Zhifan Yu

eCommerce Manager

Responsible NUOPTIMA Team

Bilal Sayed Gol

Head of Amazon

Action Plan

This Is Nuts were completely new to Amazon, so the NUOPTIMA team managed the entire process for both Amazon UK ( and Amazon Germany (.de).

On a high level, this was:

  • Account setup
  • Listing products
  • Launching products 
  • PPC management

We completely manage the account set up process with some clients, as we did for This Is Nuts. This is a time consuming and delicate approach, requiring an understanding of the Amazon ecosystem. Tasks include:

  • Adding ASINs
  • Uploading Content
  • Category Approval
  • Brand Registry Setup
  • Virtual Bundles
  • Global Marketplace Expansion
This Is Nuts, From $1m Wholesale to Amazon Leader in 2 Geographies

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