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Ecommerce SEO Case Study: Real Results from Our Strategy

Ecommerce SEO Case Study: Real Results from Our Strategy

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At least 23.6% of e-commerce orders are directly linked to organic traffic, according to Hubspot’s The State of Marketing in 2024 report 1. Therefore, eCommerce brands with proper SEO strategies can secure a quarter of their monthly online sales and ROI (return on investment).

As an SEO agency, we’ve worked with dozens of eCommerce brands and secured a 144.92% increase in purchases, a 9,109.02% increase in organic traffic, and a 15,543.34% increase in total revenue.

In this article, we will outline the step-by-step process and eCommerce digital marketing strategy we implemented for three eCommerce brands using proper data and graphs and how they have turned out to be ecommerce seo case studies worth sharing.

Let’s see how our eCommerce SEO case studies:  RC Vision, Bleuet and Hidden Botanics became success stories for both them and us!

RC Vision Case Study – How We Doubled Their Conversion Rate

RC Vision SEO results

RC Vision is an eCommerce brand selling RC hobby vehicles that operates both online and in-store. Their team approached us with the goal of boosting their ROAS (return on ad spent) and brand awareness on search engines.

RC Vision homepage

After our initial call, where we talked about their goals and potential strategies, we conducted a website and competitor analysis to gauge their current organic and ads performance in comparison to competitors. Here is what we found:

RC Visions Website Analysis

When we conduct an eCommerce website analysis, we aim to give recommendations for improving usability and UX, ideas for new pages or categories that can help both the SEO and UX, a loading speed audit, and an overview of technical issues.

There were several minor UX issues, so for usability and UX improvements, we found the following:

  • Bugs: There was a rating system that didn’t display their reviews properly
  • Unnecessary elements: They had an events page in the main navigation menu
  • Low-quality issues: Their homepage banner was of low-quality
  • Duplicate filers: They had duplicate filters on their page
  • Cluttered tabs: There was a brands tab cluttered with brand names that made it hard for the reader to discern and choose
  • No metadata: Some of the pages didn’t have metadata, and some were repetitive
RC Vision website analysis

For every website error found, we recommended easy fixes and long-term solutions that would benefit both their clients and the search engine. We had several suggestions for additional pages, such as:

  • A deals/offers category with relevant products
  • Top lists that would categorize and highlight specific products
  • Product reviews  that would discuss specific products in detail
  • Buyer guides to educate interested prospects and serve as landing pages for ads

RC Visions Competitor Analysis

We performed a competitor analysis to pinpoint the SEO performance of their competitors, find ideas, gain insights, and set goals based on our competitive positioning. 

They had competitors with a strong online presence (domain authority and backlink profile), such as Horizon Hobby and AMain Hobbies. We provided a detailed analysis of their metrics, UX, and strategies, with suggestions on what RC Visions can improve and change.

RC Vision competitor analysis

RC Vision SEO Performance (Before NUOPTIMA)

To properly measure our efforts for the seo ecommerce case study we needed to go back to the starting point and see how RC Vision performed in the past:

  • 567K Clicks: The number of times users clicked their ads up until October 2023.
  • 1.17M Conversion Value: The total business value that Google Ads generated in the past 18 months.
  • $29.88 Cost Per Conversion (CPC): How much each conversion costs RS Vision approximately.
  • $217 Cost: The amount of money they have spent on paid ads
  • 1.25% Conversion Rate: How often, on average, an ad interaction led to a conversion. 
  • 539.73% Actual ROAS: The actual return on ad spend their strategy achieved. 
RC Vision ads metrics before

We did a detailed backlink audit to remove the number of spammy links and effectively whitelist or monitor good ones. This audit is important for maintaining a healthy backlink profile and overall SEO score.

RC Vision backlink audit

RC Visions Actional Plan

Based on the initial call and the data we had from our website, competitor and SEO performance analysis, we decided that our SEM package (SEO plus PPC) would be the perfect strategy for RC Visions. In a nutshell, NUOPTIMA:

  • Crafted and implemented a new site map with all fixes according to the website and competitor analysis
  • Consistently made page updates to the RC Visions website
  • Performed organic keyword and gap analysis to form a content strategy
  • Prepared a full Google Ads strategy with ad copies and daily ad performance check
  • Launched individual campaigns for specific promotions such as Black Friday and Christmas
RC Visions Content Plan

RC Visions Results

During the period of October 2023 to April 2024, we implemented our action plan, and here are the results. We increased:

  • Clicks by 120K
  • Conversion value by 602K
  • Conversion rate by 0.59%
  • Actual ROAS (129.81%)
RC Visions Ads performance compared to the previous period

Compared to the previous year, NUOPTIMA helped achieve:

  • 29.1K more clicks
  • 598K increase in conversion value
  • 1.04% improvement in conversion rate
  • 163.78% increase in actual ROAS
RC Visions Ads  performance compared to the previous year

Besides doubling the conversion rate and conversion value from the previous year, we achieved a 75.14% increase in organic traffic for RC Visions through our SEO efforts.

If you want to learn more about this eCommerce SEO case study, check out our RC Visions case study.

Bleuet Case Study – How We Got a 5,100% Increase in Website Visitors

Bleuet SEO results

Bleuet is an eCommerce apparel brand focused on developing high-quality apparel for teens and tweens. Their team wasn’t satisfied with their online performance since they ranked for few relevant keywords, few conversions and not a lot of engagement on their website, so they contacted NUOPTIMA. We will briefly explain Bleuet’s eCommerce SEO case study below:

Bleuet homepage

During the initial call with the Bleuet team, we discussed their past performance, goals and our proper SEO strategy. After conducting a detailed website and competitor analysis, we found:

  • Bleuet needed a detailed technical audit
  • They needed a site structure update
  • We did detailed keyword research to find low-hanging and high-intent keywords for their content strategy.

Here are the SEO performance results they had before working with us:

  • In the previous period, their monthly organic traffic was 1,300.
  • Approximately 5,589 users have visited their website.
  • Around 923,889 event counts
  • 6,125 checkouts
  • 28,893 overall conversions
  • 1,124 keywords (30 in the top positions)
Bleuet keyword rankings before working with NUOPTIMA

Bleuet Action Plan

To increase traffic and conversions for Bleuet, we created a content plan and delivered 9,000 words of content each month. Plus, we had four monthly backlinks on relevant sites with a domain rating of at least 40.

We focused on category pages like “Tween Bras” and “Sustainable Gray Bras” so customers can easily navigate the website, and we can secure some keywords. We also created numerous educational blog posts, like “A Step-By-Step Guide for Moms: How to Buy a Training Bra for Your Daughter,” to raise brand awareness and appear in relevant SERPs.

Finally, we implemented a technical audit and made sure their website was both SEO and user-friendly.

Bleuet category page content example

Bleuet Results

  • After eight months, Bleuet had  8,181 new organic visitors  (a 529.308% organic traffic increase from the previous period)
Bleuet organic traffic performance

Compared to July 2023, in April 2024:

  • 291K individual users visiting their website (a 5,107.1% increase)
  • 4.2M event counts, aka the number of events tracked on their website – from button clicks to forms filled (354.6% increase)
  • 37K checkouts – the number of people who have completed their check out process (504.1% increase)
  • 1M conversions – the number of times a user completed a desired action such as making a purchase or signing up for their newsletter (3,361.1% increase)

We can conclude that we helped them both attract new visitors and convince those visitors to purchase from them – a win win situation!

Bleuet Analytics performance
  • After working with NUOPTIMA, their eCommerce brand saw a 9,109.02% increase in conversions just from organic traffic and a 7,200.79% increase in total revenue. The return on investment ROI) in SEO has paid off.
Bleuet organic traffic and total revenue results
  • Finally, they went from 1,124 keywords to 2,419 keywords, with 258 relevant keywords in the top 3 positions. Ranking for keywords helps eCommerce businesses appear in more relevant search results pages (SERPs) and be one of the first choices customers see.
Bleuet keyword rankings after working with NUOPTIMA

Interested in this ecommerce seo fashion case study? Read the full Bleuet case study for more information. 

Hidden Botanics Case Study – How They Hit 3X ROI with Us

Hidden Botanics results after working with NUOPTIMA

Hidden Botanics is an eCommerce brand for sustainable dried wedding flowers. Despite appearing in the top search results for some queries, they were underperforming when compared to competitors.

They approached us with the need to increase overall SEO performance and sales. After setting up an initial call with the Hidden Botanics team, we at NUOPTIMA did a website and competitor analysis to find gaps and issues.

We found that the Hidden Botanics website structure wasn’t optimized and had a slow loading speed while they weren’t taking advantage of some relevant keywords.

Therefore, we proposed a technical audit, as well as content and backlinks, to reach their goals.

Hidden Botanics homepage

Hidden Botanics Action Plan

We started off our collaboration with:

  • An in-depth kick-off audit
  • Technical monitoring and fixing requests
  • 15,000 words of content in total each month
  • Five monthly backlinks on relevant sites with a domain rating of at least 40
  • Five hours of developer support per month

As for content in particular, we promoted new content with a “Featured” section on their homepage, added internal links to educational content on their website, and updated all metadata on pages.

To better organize the website, we added new, super-relevant categories and collection pages such as “Cream Dried Flowers” and “Dried Daisy Flowers” with appropriate metadata and insightful content. Plus, we created educational blogs such as “Elegant Wedding Hairstyles With Dried Flowers” to position their website as the go-to place for brides.

Hidden Botanics keyword strategy

Hidden Botanics Results

After 6 months of collaboration with our SEO agency, Hidden Botanics had a 144.92% increase in purchases and $120,321.03 in total revenue (139.78% increase) based on data.

Hidden Botanics total revenue and purchases results

As for the number of clicks, impressions, and positions, here are the results:

  • a 33.6918% increase in clicks
  • a 159.542% increase in total impressions
  • a 9.71429% increase in average position
Hidden Botanics Google Search Console results
  • From their Google Analytics, we can see that the number of users has increased by 222.41% since working with us. The number of visitors their website had from new and returning users has increased by 189.05%. Finally, their conversions increased by 76.86%.
Hidden Botanics Analytics
  • Our backlink efforts resulted in their referring domains increasing from 127 to 329.
Hidden Botanics referring domains
  • Finally, before working with us, their organic traffic was around 3.5K, and after working with NUOPTIMA, it boosted to 9.3K.
Hidden Botanics organic traffic

If you are interested in learning more about our successful SEO strategy, read the full Hidden Botanics case study.

Grow Your Ecommerce Brand with NUOPTIMA

If you are an eCommerce brand struggling with low conversions or your competitors appearing at the top of search results, you should look into our seo services to boost conversion rates and traffic.

Our team at NUOPTIMA uses proven methods to analyze your and your competitor’s online performance in detail. Backed up by data and constant optimization, we ensure our performance is clearly visible in the results section of our monthly reports.

Don’t waste time on trying to hit the SEO jackpot. Schedule a call with NUOPTIMA right away!


These three eCommerce case studies have proved that by optimizing the website and site structure and improving SEO practices, you can see an increase in the number of purchases, total revenue, total clicks, total impressions, average position, referring domains, and organic traffic.

We’ve worked with dozens of eCommerce brands that want more customers and improved online visibility through either paid ads or organic content. For each one of them, we create a personalized strategy and action plan that will give maximum results.

With NUOPTIMA, you don’t need to take the spray-and-pray approach with your website; instead, you can follow a proven route that helps us get successful case studies.

Book a free consultation with NUOPTIMA, and we will perform a mini audit and give you actionable tips right on the site.


Do eCommerce brands need SEO?

Yes, to stand out in the crowd and get more customers, eCommerce brands should invest in SEO. With proper website and competitor analysis and swift implementation, you can outrank your competitors and triple your ROI, as demonstrated in our case studies.

Should eCommerce brands do SEO or PPC?

eCommerce brands should align their strategies according to goals and budgets. There isn’t a one hat fits all solution, therefore, we at NUOPTIMA make a personalized action plan according to our insights and initial call with eCommerce brands.



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