How to Forecast ROI from SEO | Workshop

Free 60 minute workshop

  • Confidently calculate if SEO can have a significant impact on your business growth;
  • Learn to use a proven three-step growth model that forecasts your CAC, revenues and net profits;
  • Master the efficient SEO playbooks we’ve used to take sites from 0 to 50k traffic in 7 months.

Thursday 27th April 2023, 4pm BST / 12pm EST

Who is this for?

Whether you’re a founder, marketer, or investor,
this workshop is for you and your team to discover how to calculate ROI from SEO


  • Stop missing out on potential growth opportunities from ineffective SEO strategies.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the business impact of SEO and how to maximise ROI from your efforts.
  • Discover actionable strategies and insights to optimise SEO initiatives and achieve sustainable business growth.


  • Get a clear understanding of how SEO impacts your marketing metrics and how to improve them.
  • Avoid making decisions based on guesswork or incomplete data, and start using a data-driven approach to SEO optimisation.
  • Overcome the frustration of not being able to forecast the ROI of your SEO efforts accurately.


  • Avoid investing in businesses with ineffective SEO strategies that miss out on growth opportunities.
  • Use a data-driven approach to assess SEO performance and make informed investment decisions.
  • Grasp the SEO growth model to stay ahead of the competition and gain an industry advantage.

Past attendees

Example growth model

SEO case studies

Discover how we achieved incredible ROI with these SEO case studies.

FUL Scales From 0 to 44k Monthly Organic Traffic In 7 Months – Full Guide, Templates & Processes

Julia Streuli
Co-Founder and CEO
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NUOPTIMA Picks The Perfect B2B Niches & Grows to 12k Organic Traffic in 6 Months

Viktor Bartak
SEO Lead
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What you’ll learn

  • How to predict SEO ROI accurately using business metrics and data insights.
  • How to align SEO strategies with your business goals and objectives.
  • How to maximise SEO results and achieve sustainable growth with a three-step growth model.
  • How to decide between in-house SEO and hiring an agency based on your business needs.
  • How to apply successful growth models and SEO initiatives to drive growth and maximise ROI.

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SEO client testimonials

Isabella G.
Head of Marketing, Wayra
They’re experts when it comes to growth marketing and SEO – extremely proficient getting the bigger picture
NUOPTIMA understands what companies require and how to approach the marketing mix and the prioritisation of growth channels
Igor T.
Founding Partner, TrueSight Ventures
The NUOPTIMA team are exemplar at adding SEO & marketing value from Seed to maturity
Jacqueline C.
Principal, Hearst Ventures


Aman is a resident growth expert. He has run growth, marketing and sales functions for over 4 years for over 20 consumer brands and has executed over 25 growth channels including email, Amazon, SEO, Google, Facebook & LinkedIn.

Aman Ghataura
Head of Growth
Aman Ghataura
Head of Growth

15 years SEO experience, worked on 300+ brands and businesses including large international marketplaces, eCom stores, private clinics, hotels, agriculture, clothing manufacturers, finance, real estate, SaaS and more.

Viktor Bartak
Head of SEO
Viktor Bartak
Head of SEO

Rob has a master’s degree in journalism and is our lead growth manager. He’s worked with over 15 e-commerce brands across SEO, PPC, and Amazon.

Rob Sloan
Growth Manager
Rob Sloan
Growth Manager

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