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Unprofitable customer acquisition is bottlenecking your growth and skyrocketing your monthly burn

  • PPC costs are constantly on the rise due to decreased barrier to running ads and increased competition.
  • Organisation mindset favours short term wins versus long term category domination
  • Lack of internal SEO awareness to correctly evaluate pros and cons of growth channel leads to further disregard.
  • Lack of internal content writing ability to even create authoritative brand & customer support content.

Potential solutions are suboptimal

  • Search for and self teach SEO principles. You’ll likely waste important execution time learning about the wrong factors, and be unaware of whom to trust. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to distribute this knowledge to your team in a timely manner.
  • Buy a course. Cookie cutter courses won’t help you grow your business, and are normally too generic and quickly outdated
  • Hire an agency. Hiring an agency is a cost effective way, but doing so without basic SEO awareness leaves you vulnerable to choosing the wrong one and wasting investor budget.
  • Building an in-house team. Easily can take upwards of 6 months and costs at least £15k / m for an SEO expert, content writers, editors, publishers and backlink builders.

SEO Accelerator builds your teams SEO awareness in 4 sessions over 4 weeks

  • Learn from SEO veterans on exactly when and how you should build out an SEO function
  • Understand ranking factors and what separates subpar SEO from top 1% of results
  • Learn how to evaluate potential hires or agencies to manage your SEO

You’ll learn proven strategies
that have created the top 1% of SEO results

MarketFinance, Fintech Giant Raised Over £500m Increases Organic Traffic by 250% over COVID

FUL, Fastest Growing Spirulina Drink! 0 to 11k Traffic in 3 Months

Naturecan Winning Position 1 to 3 for “CBD Gummies” & “10% CBD Oil” with High Authority Backlinks

Petcan, Insect Pet Food Startup, Gains 12,000 Keywords in 7 Months in 6 Unique Languages with only 25 Backlinks!

Alphagreen’s Traffic Up 552% (Huge Recovery from Dec-20 Google Update!)

NUOPTIMA Picks The Perfect Niches & Grows 400% Organic Traffic in 1 Month

Join 200+ Funded Startups and Scaleups

300+ attendees and 200+ companies who have raised over $1bn from top tier investors

300+ attendees

200+ companies

$1bn+ raised




Thursday 4th August, 3pm GMT

Higher Level CEO Thinking: All You Need To Plan, Model & Execute (in house or agency) a Top 1% SEO Strategy

Thursday 11th August, 3pm GMT

Ultimate Guide to SEO Content, from Keyword Research to Ranking in Position 1

Thursday 18th August, 3pm GMT

Demystifying Technical SEO, When Is It Worth The Effort and How To Tell Your Tech Team What’s Really Important

Thursday 25th August, 3pm GMT

Secrets of Backlinks Revealed, An A-Z of How & When to Use Them For Best Effect

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Free Templates & Tools to Supercharge Your SEO

Every week, gain access to a new resource you can use in your business

SEO Forecaster & Addressable Market Calculator - Access on 4th Aug

A basic model to forecast SEO growth and appreciate your TAM in the most idealistic scenario

Content Template Brief - Access on 11th Aug

The same content template briefs that our Head of SEO & Lead Editors pass to our content writers

SEO Tools Database - Access on 18th Aug

A spreadsheet of every top SEO tool we know to supercharge your growth

Surprise Bonus! - Access on 25th Aug

Wait and see

Your SEO Accelerator Coaches

Alexej Pikovsky

CEO & CoFounder

10 years in investment banking, private equity and venture capital. Runs Alphawell, a house of brands including, #1 European CBD marketplace - grown predominantly through SEO.

Viktor Bartak

Head of SEO

15 years SEO experience, worked on 300+ brands and businesses including large international marketplaces, eCom stores, private clinics, hotels, agriculture, clothing manufacturers, finance, real estate, SaaS and more.

Aman Ghataura

Head of Growth

Tested 26 growth channels across B2C and B2B and built a growth team of over 10 marketers in Email, SEO, PPC & Amazon. Worked on 15+ DTC, SaaS & Amazon brands.

Who’s this for?


  • Understand costs required behind channels
  • Gain deeper awareness of how to think about long term vs short term channels
  • Plan out growth trajectories and learn how to account for SEO in your financial models


  • Upskill in SEO as a growth channel
  • Learn how to evaluate agencies
  • Create better internal standard operating procedures to scale your SEO efforts


  • Improve marketing duedilengence for SEO first investment opportunities
  • Appreciate budget scales for SEO marketing allocations

VC Testimonials

NUOPTIMA understands what companies require and how to approach the marketing mix and the prioritisation of growth channels

Igor T.

Founding Partner, TrueSight Ventures

The team are extremely strong executors when it comes to SEO, growth - especially in compliant / regulated industries

Walter A.

Partner, West Creek

The NUOPTIMA team are exemplar at adding SEO & marketing value from Seed to maturity

Jacqueline C.

Principal, Hearst Ventures

Startup Testimonials

They’re experts when it comes to growth marketing and SEO - extremely proficient getting the bigger picture

Isabella G.

Head of Marketing, Wayra

Their SEO execution is second to none - deep knowledge and execution ability

Anil S.

Founder, Market Finance

Alexej, Aman & Viktor taught us a lot about SEO and really demystified the growth channel - highly recommend

Mithi T.

Founder, HarperCare

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How long is each session?
Each session is 1 to 1.5 hours long, with additional time for optional Q/A
Who is the SEO Accelerator for?
Founder, marketers and investors can all benefit from the learnings in the program
I have contracted an SEO agency, should I attend?
Of course! The more you know about SEO, the better you can hold your agency partners accountable
Who is attending the accelerator?
200+ top companies who have raised in excess of $1bn will be attending
Will there be any in person networking events?
If there is appetite, it is likely we will run an in-person event in London
My startup is pre-launch, is SEO Accelerator right for me?
Yes! You can use our program to map out the growth channels you will use to grow your business
Will the event be recorded?
We have found active participation creates the best engagement and results for the entire community

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